"Venus" is a brand in the food industry.

Venere "Venus"

Venere Venere Venere

"Venus" is a brand in the food industry. Our company cooperating with the best manufacturers all over the world, produces food products of the brand Venus. We offer products in 6 categories;

1. Olives: olives in cans are made in Spain in three different sizes and volumes. Olives in glass jars being a special delicacy are produced in our own factory in Turkey.

2. Olive oil: Olive oil is produced in our factory in Turkey, in the region of Edremit, which, together with the island of Crete in Greece and the Tuscany region in Italy, are the producers of the highest quality olive oils in the world.In addition to this, we also sell olive oil in USA.

3. Tomato paste: We produce 4 types of tomato paste that do not contain starch and have a high density (28-30 Brix). These products are manufactured in China under careful control and guarantee of our company

4. Marinades: Pickles, gherkins and cucumbers are produced in India, in the same factory where famous brands produce their products, but our products are at more fair prices. Peppers and vegetable assortments are produced in our own factory in Turkey.

5. Garnishes: Peas and corn are produced in Hungary. The canning process takes place within 24 hours after harvesting, which makes it possible to preserve the maximum taste and quality. The beans are harvested in Australia and they are made from high quality large beans.

6. Mushrooms: Champignons in tins, and in glass jars pickled mushrooms. Cut champignons consist of 100% mushrooms. Mushrooms are produced in China under the control of our company and under the supervision of certified international companies.

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